Helena Caio exclusive designs at Capo Couture

The Brazilian brand has a little more than 3 years in the market. Its main raw material is leather and silk. The brand is known for creative, innovative, unusual and yet super elegant designs. Helena Caio collection brings modernity to the universe of Brazilian Fashion. Her pieces are hand made to perfection. Helena creates timeless designs, clothing that will last for years - not restricted to fashion seasons.








Helena Caio handmade leather skirt available at Capo Couture Helena Caio silk dress available at Capo Couture

"Helena Caio is an amazing brand that is best known for her leather work and also uses silk and other materials on her mix. The quality of her pieces is remarkable, and the finishing is impeccable. The pieces fit the body really well, and they are really comfortable and durable. The brand has been a great success with our clients" Joanna Amado, responsible for purchasing and prospecting brands and designers at Capo Couture