Introducing a new brand: Bélier.Bélier

The inspiration behind the brand came from the idea of working with bags that could be different, timeless and produced with the smallest impact on the planet. 

Bélier.Bélier creates handcrafted products by exploiting the techniques of loom and crochet, using sustainable yarns developed from textile and recycled waste. Their contribution to the Brazilian and other artisan’s communities also reflects not only their pioneering spirit - but also their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion.

The hand made production with and the use of reused materials gives Bélier.Bélier handbags unique colors and combinations, making them one of a kind. 

The choice of materials and their entire production process give the pieces a "destroyed" finish. The beauty of the millenarian craftsmanship is repaginated with new techniques and details that create an authorial design and style.

Bélier.Bélier handmade bags at Capo Couture Bélier.Bélier handmade bags at Capo Couture