Julianna SanMartin: Remarkable leather Artisan/Fashion designs now at Capo Couture

Launched in 2011, Juliana SanMartin - the designer of the brand - was inspired to create her brand around leather. She put together the possibilities of the material, quality fabric printing and her own personality. The combination of elegance and femininity contemporary guides the brand's DNA.

The elaboration of the exclusive pieces demands unique and manual manufacturing processes bringing quality that transcend codes and seasons. Textures, dyes and treatments join the work of artisans who dedicate hours of assembly to build silhouettes with meticulous and detailed approach.

Capo Couture is very excited to add Juliana SanMartin to our mix. Her designs are really modern and well-constructed. The fitting is perfect. From work to happy hour to a dinner party, Juliana SanMartin clothes fits it all.