US2Brand: Great designs for amazing price points

Us2 is a brand designed not only for those looking for the latest style trends, but also for those who value quality and care in every detail.

The designs carry the brand's modern and sophisticated DNA, the versatility and timelessness of the pieces. US2Brand is a brand created to accompany women in their daily lives, valuing the self-esteem and personality of each one of them.

With impeccable modeling and finishes, the design of the pieces is created by combining the classic and the modern, resulting in an elegant, contemporary, authentic and very sophisticated image.

The brand's mission is to offer modern women alternatives for various occasions, without leaving comfort aside - so that our clients can feel incredible at all times.

Since its launch at Capo Couture in November, it is possible to find the brand's designs in our physical and online store. Fall in love with contemporary pieces with amazing price point - now you get a really great look with great quality for a fraction of other brands in the same level, because they do have something for every budget.