Elos Flat

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The Elos Collection was created by Paula Torres and Helena Lunardelli, where the main element is the chain, giving more charm, attitude and personality to the look.

Elos Flat is that easy to use shoe, just to put on, without heels, which allows greater comfort and mobility to use in day-to-day tasks - All this with a lot of class, sophistication and charm. The chain makes the difference, being the main element of the look. Use with a more basic production, and you'll be ready and in style for even the most special occasion.

Material: Leather
Colors: Red or Black

Brand: Paula Torres

The brand invests in a contemporary proposal to define and create its products. With exclusive and handmade shoes, the care in preparing the modeling of the pieces starts in the creation process. Paula Torres collections are timeless and democratic, with several options ranging from sneakers to luxurious high-heeled sandals.