Butterfly effect Bag

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Crossbody Blue & Pink

MATERIALS: We work with a variety of materials, starting with plastic thread made by recycling everyday packaging, mostacilla beads from recycled glass, organic cotton tassels dyed with natural plants and flowers. The indigo dark blue dye, for example, is a color that is only possible during a full moon, as the effect of the moon changes the chlorophyll of the plant used to obtain such a deep blue.


INCLUDES: The piece is decorated with 3 beautiful hand embroidered mostacilla butterflies. It takes 8 hours to embroider each butterfly. It includes a removable crossbody strap also hand embroidered in mostacilla

matching our color scheme.


ABOUT THE PIECE: The Butterfly Effect Crossbody bag is part of our “TOGETHER WE DO MORE” ideology. The masterpiece is the result of the collaboration of two Central American designers, the internationally known Thelma Espina by Thelma Espina and Michelle Townson for La Roja by Misha. With the mission of elevating the quality and exposure of our ancestral techniques we came together to give new life to plastic by designing a new eco friendly handcrafted collection. More than 12 people were involved in the production taking between 7 to12 days to complete the design.



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