Alice Capella Color SIMPLE - Antiviral mask

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The new normal is about eye contact.

The Alice Capella mask lets us be bold and feel good when wearing a mask out.

Available in different colors.

These masks are super comfortable!

Made in 100% Viscose, being fresh in the heat and more warm in the cold; they are washable (follow instructions with the product);

The size is one size and the same model for men and women.

Can be used on children from 7 years old, adjusting the side elastic
having double stitch and not two layers of fabrics to provide greater comfort.

Not recommended for hospital use.


HeiQVIROBLOCK by CHT technology combines two mechanisms capable of inactivating and destroying enveloped viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2.

ACTION 1 - the particles of silver ions present in the technology, through electrostatic attraction, are able to block and inactivate the virus.

ACTION 2 - adding speed in the antiviral action, through the fat vesicles, which are species of "Pockets" with empty space inside, which in contact with the fat layer of the envelopaded viruses, are able to effect the destruction of this membrane and inactivate the virus in one minute.

The use of the mask does not eliminate the need for hygiene care restarted by WHO and government authorities

DURABILITY: up to 30 washes with neutral soap.

ANTIVIRAL EFFICACY: proven in an independent laboratory with viruses of the coronavirus family, being
member of the SARS-Cov-2 family, at a rate of 99.99% according to ISO 18184 2019.