Verona Boots

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The Western Collection was developed in 4 hands by Paula Torres and Mariah Bernardes. With a Western mood, super tendy in fashion weeks all over the world.

The Verona Boots  has a great heel size for walking with maximum comfort and a low heel that allows you to wear a lot not only in winter but also in mid-season. The model is wild, "basic" with a lot of style, easy to use with different styles.

Tidy for all occasions of the day-to-day. 

Material: Croco print leather
Color: White or Caramel
Heel: 6 cm

Brand: Paula Torres

The brand invests in a contemporary proposal to define and create its products. With exclusive and handmade shoes, the care in preparing the modeling of the pieces starts in the creation process. Paula Torres collections are timeless and democratic, with several options ranging from sneakers to luxurious high-heeled sandals.