Wide Tank Top

Wide Tank Top

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  • Brand: Juliana SanMartin

Julianna Sanmartin is a remarkable leather Artisan/ Fashion designer who creates amazing and exclusive pieces that demands a unique and manual manufacturing process bringing quality that transcends seasons.  The combination of elegance, femininity and modernity guides her DNA.

Jo Amado – “We are very excited to add Juliana Sunmartin to our mix. Her line is really modern and well-constructed.  The clothing fits the body really well and compliments the body’s curves. Her pieces are not restricted by seasons and can be used anytime of the day or night with the right combination of accessories.- From work to happy hour to a dinner party, Juliana fits it all.”

Rosangela Capobianco - "Juliana is one of the biggest names of leather fashion design in Brazil and she brings a very exciting modern view to her creations. Juliana's collection is so reach in details and her pieces are so empowering and sophisticated but feminine and delicate at the same time.  her work combines modernity, comfort and impeccable quality with a very fashion-forward outlook. . Her leather designs compliments the woman."